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Kijind | 28.12.2018
She's certainly in the top 5 for prettiest lady in porno
Nekazahn | 30.12.2018
this is so hot! she is so sexy. more movies! you are the man!
Kazrasho | 27.12.2018
Hello there Rosie, i rarely come on here and have never written to anyone on here either but chancing on your profile the way i did and going through your about me page was without a doubt the BEST thing i have ever done on here. i do not know of the phrase i about to use exists but i am a boobs kinda a guy, which literally means i absolutely love a good sized boobs and yours are simply MAGNIFICENT. i could spend forever just playing with them. i'd probably even name them.they'd by my twin babes ; and going through your gallery of exquisite photos was absolutely exhilarating. i would be absolutely content and probably be the happiest and the luckiest Ghanaian by just receiving handjobs from you whilst i explore every inch of your perfect body with my tongue.its crazy and unbelievable to most but i have never been with a woman and the hardest bit is i only fancy white women. i hope your week is going well? and i would so love to hear back from you. so have a splendid afternoon!

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